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Who are we?

MobyDix is a user friendly DSP (demand-side platform) that is
connected to over 30 SSP.

We help advertisers to buy the most relevant ad impressions over the internet for the best possible prices.

With our help, you can quickly find suitable ad inventory, bid or purchase on it and display your ads to the targeted audience.

You can get access to all of these inventory sources using just a single interface and buy ad space of your choice.

Why MobyDix?

AI-based performance optimization

  • Self-learning algorithms that target perfect audiences for your business
  • Real-time campaign optimization by CPM, CPC, CPV, or almost any other metric
  • Supported by hands-on expertise of the MobyDix managers
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Real-time reporting and transparency

  • You can immediately pull reports via the API or UI
  • Real-time verified measurements for you
  • All the metrics that you need in just one dashboard

Proprietary technology

  • Independent ad server and omni-channel DSP, SSP
  • Powered by automation, machine learning and predictive modeling
  • Functionality in line with the market trends, as expected
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Self-service UI and real-time API

  • Friendly API and well documented
  • One of the most powerful and simple user iterface
  • 360-degree view of your programmatic business

Service with a human face

  • Prompt troubleshooting and guided onboarding
  • All the operations and optimization are done by a dedicated manager
  • Comprehensive training and educational materials for clients

It’s affordable and flexible

  • Bring your own algorithms and data
  • No hard dollar commitments and transparent pricing
  • Brand and customize your platform as you want.



Turnkey OTT-video management and monetization


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Jumpstart your programmatic business


Unleash your data and regain control of your ad buying

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